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Our Health Consultation Team

Dr. Dipesh Navsaria

Credentials: MPH, MSLIS, MD

Position title: Program Director, Podcast Series Co-Host & Executive Medical Director

Kelly O'Connor

Credentials: RN

Position title: Nurse Health Consultant

Kristin Gabriel

Credentials: RN

Position title: Nurse Health Consultant

The Health Consultation Process


Consultation Process at-a-glance, arrows and blocks explain the process visually

Examples of Health Consultation Questions

Have you ever been working with a child and wondered: is this behavior or action typical in children?  Is this normal for their age?  What is that rash I’ve seen before?  How do I use this piece of medical equipment?  What IS this condition that one of my kiddos has?  Are my health policies keeping us all safe while not over-excluding kids?  We are here for you to help answer those general questions about children’s health and well-being.

No health topic is off limits!  Examples of things we’ve helped with:

Example #1: Childcare Center reached out looking for help/guidance on implementing a COVID policy for children 2 and under who cannot be masked.

Our response: We did a policy and literature review of recommendations at the time, and developed a guide sheet for the childcare center to help create a policy that was applicable to their population.


Example #2: “Our team has some questions/concerns about the new chicken pox vaccine requirements that they are hearing from early childhood programs. We were wondering if you could provide some guidance.”

Our response: We provided information and education around chicken pox vaccines, created an applicable chart/tool for them to use.


Example #3: Question about a classroom experiencing a high rate of strep throat.

Our response: Answered questions around strep throat (what is it, why do we treat it, etc), and offering guidance on best practices in the classroom setting.


Example #4: “What should we know about RSV” given outbreaks nationally at that time.

Our response: We replied via e-mail with general information about what RSV is, what it can do, and how it is spread, and then offered additional resources.


Not sure if your question is something we can help with?  Ask anyway!  If we don’t have the answers or if it’s not something we can help with, we can point you in the right direction!  We also have our Program Director (& pediatrician), Dr. Dipesh Navsaria, as a resource we can turn to for more complicated or unusual questions.  We are excited to hear from you via email, text, or a phone call.